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Annalise Coehlo

Administration Assistant, Yoga Instructor

Annalise Coehlo

Meet our Admin Assistant, a professional who embodies the essence of mindfulness, yoga, and holistic well-being. Her journey and her work in Costa Rica are a testament to her commitment to mental health and the power of embracing a simpler, more mindful way of life. With a background in clinical psychology and a profound passion for mindfulness and yoga, she works from abroad to fulfil her passion(s).

In search of balance and serenity, she travelled to Costa Rica, a country renowned for its natural beauty and its embrace of spiritual and mental well-being. Here, she found not only the tranquillity she sought but also a simpler, more mindful lifestyle. 

Her background in psychology, her personal journey to well-being, and her deep connection to the country's natural surroundings all align seamlessly with her role. In addition to her administrative duties, she leads workshops on stress management, mindfulness, and the therapeutic benefits of yoga, sharing her wisdom with others on their path to mental and physical health.

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