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After determining we are a good fit, we will create an account on Janeapp where you can book, rebook, change or cancel sessions 48 hours in advance. 

Virtual Sessions require a safe and secure space to have these sessions. Remember that therapy is a safe and confidential space to talk about you and your concerns. Specifically, no spouse or roommate can attend our sessions. 

60-Minute In-Person Session / 130.00 CAD *HST INCLUDED

60-minute Video Call / $130.00 CAD *HST INCLUDED

90-minute Video Call / $195.00 CAD *HST INCLUDED

60-minute Phone Call / $130.00 CAD *HST INCLUDED

While private psychotherapy services are not covered by OHIP, you may have coverage with your insurance provider. I do not directly work with insurance companies however, you will be provided with an invoice to take to your insurance for reimbursement.

*Please make sure your insurance plan covers Registered Psychotherapists with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO).

Price & Platform


When should I be seeing a therapist?

Finding the right therapist is crucial during the therapeutic process. If you're questioning if you should be seeing a therapist, ask yourself what you're looking to get out of therapy. Having the re-occurring thought about seeing a therapist may be that you're ready for a change, whatever that may be. 

Some strong indications may be if you're feeling stagnant, stuck, or overwhelmed by daily stress.

I'm afraid I'm going to be judged...

The first step to getting better is admitting you've got a challenging situation on your hands. It's even harder when you have to face those situations alone. Instead of judging yourself for needing extra support, I congratulate you for making a conscious effort that can change intergenerational curses. I won't pressure you to tell anyone that you're going to therapy, your secret is safe with me!

How should I be feeling after a therapy session?

What can I tell my therapist?

Having a safe place in therapy is crucial during the healing process. Together we can establish how to ensure you feel safe in session. Before we start therapy, we will go over confidentiality and what falls under that category. It is our duty to report an incident that involves you hurting yourself, hurting others, or others hurting you. Otherwise, you can tell us anything between intrusive thoughts, your cannabis use or the white lie you told someone!

How will I know that I'm getting better?

Healing does not look the same for everyone. I like to live by the quote "Healing is Non-Linear." What might look like healing to one may not be the same for others. However, there are some general signs you are on the right path with your mental health journey. A gentle reminder that these "symptoms of healing" are not feelings that will stick around; healing jumps from one feeling to the next until we have reached a stable consistency to manage our journey. A few "healing symptoms" include shock, numbness, denial, panic, guilt, anxiety, sadness, acceptance, support, anger, loneliness & hope.

Is medication mandatory?

It depends. Therapy can sometimes have a "hangover" effect where you're deep into thought and self-reflection or stuck on a feeling. To get the most out of therapy, it's important you discuss what you want to get out of it in every session. 

It is not within the psychotherapist's scope of practice to prescribe or to regulate the use of pharmacological drugs. However, we understand if your serotonin is store-bought. We're here for you regardless.

Your therapist may request the name, brand and dose of medication to help in your wellness journey.

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