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Our therapists employ a holistic, sex-informed, and trauma-informed approach to working with attachment categories. They consider the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, addressing the whole person. Recognizing the impact of sexuality on attachment and relationships, therapists create a non-judgmental space to explore sexual identities and concerns. With a trauma-informed lens, they prioritize safety and provide specialized techniques to heal from past traumas. Through this integrated approach, therapists promote healing, empower clients, and foster trust while addressing attachment patterns, boundaries, emotional regulation, trust, and intimacy. The therapeutic alliance is built on empathy, respect, and collaboration, facilitating well-being and fulfilling relationships.

Boundaries & Autonomy

Our therapists aim to assist individuals in establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries within relationships. Clients learn to assert their needs and preferences, develop self-advocacy skills, and balance connection and personal autonomy. The trauma-informed lens addresses any past boundary violations or autonomy-related challenges, providing support and guidance in navigating these issues.

Emotional Regulation

Our therapists aim to help individuals develop awareness and skills for managing their emotions in healthy ways. Clients learn to identify emotional triggers, regulate intense emotions, and express themselves effectively. The holistic perspective considers the mind-body connection and explores the impact of emotions on overall well-being. The sex-informed approach acknowledges any sexual aspects that may influence emotional regulation.

Trust & Intimacy

Therapists address trust and intimacy within relationships. They create a safe and non-judgmental space for clients to explore fears of vulnerability and abandonment. Individuals work towards healing past hurts, developing strategies to build and maintain trust, and fostering healthy intimacy. The trauma-informed lens recognizes potential triggers or sensitivities related to trust and intimacy, offering support and guidance in navigating these challenges.

Reparenting & Internalization

Our therapists help individuals develop a nurturing and supportive relationship with themselves. Through the therapeutic alliance, clients learn to provide themselves with the care and understanding they may have missed in their early attachment experiences. This process involves cultivating self-soothing techniques, enhancing self-care practices, and building a secure sense of self. The sex-informed perspective acknowledges the impact of sexuality on self-reparenting and internalization.


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