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Our psychotherapy approach to healing ADHD incorporates a comprehensive approach that combines an integrative approach to medication management, skill building, and individualized treatment planning. Whether you are self-diagnosed or seeking a psychiatric assessment, we strive to address your unique needs and provide effective support. We understand that some individuals may be interested in integrating a holistic alternative approach, and we are informed about discussing and incorporating such methods into the treatment plan as appropriate.

Skill Building

We recognize that individuals with ADHD often struggle with various areas such as emotional regulation, mental flexibility, organization, and planning. Our therapy approach emphasizes skill-building in these areas through evidence-based techniques and strategies. We aim to enhance your ability to manage emotions, adapt to changing circumstances, improve organizational skills, and develop effective planning techniques.

Holistic Healing

We recognize the interest in holistic alternative approaches among some individuals. We are open to discussing and integrating these methods into the treatment plan, as long as they are safe, evidence-based, and align with your individual goals and preferences. We prioritize a collaborative approach, where we work together to explore and incorporate alternative strategies that complement traditional therapeutic interventions.

Medication Management

Medication can play a valuable role in managing ADHD symptoms. We work closely with psychiatrists or other healthcare professionals to assess the need for medication and determine the most suitable medication options. Regular monitoring and adjustments are made to ensure optimal symptom control and minimize side effects.

Psychiatric Assessment

Whether you are self-diagnosed or seeking a professional evaluation, we encourage a comprehensive psychiatric assessment to ensure accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment planning. This assessment with our partnered organization may involve an in-depth evaluation of your symptoms, medical history, and any co-occurring conditions. It helps us tailor the treatment approach to your specific needs.


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